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25 June 2007 @ 07:29 am
Yes, I migrated to Myspace. And that's where I've been because, quite frankly, I don't have the attention span to have two journals, and most of my friends are over there. Guys, feel free to friend over there!

I'm currently back not to blog much, but for a community that looks oddly appealing. I apologize. I'll be blogging (some hundred times a day) on Myspace, but if anyone really wants to read my inane ramblings over here, ask and I'll be posting.

So, uh, what's been happening? I've been a bum and have been watching movies. Constantly. My only interests appear to be pre-1960s movies, bomb tests, and Bernard Herrmann. I am a complete and utter loser. I haven't watched TV in the past few weeks. I didn't watch the CSI: NY finale (or episodes leading up to it), and oddly... I don't have much of an interest to. Huh.

ETA: Well, I came back because the community looked appealing. I have been reject00rz or something like that, so... um. Well, back to Myspace. Seriously, folks, catch me there. Otherwise, email me. It's on my profile. =)
17 March 2007 @ 12:51 pm
Catch me, y'all.
Today's Movie Genre: crazycrazy
29 January 2007 @ 03:21 pm
Won't be online for a while. My computer completely bummed out, and I think it's the system board or something. >.< Fuck. I hope it'll be fine. Damn piece of shit. Does that every January.

Sadly... WEPD had the chapter done, but I can't post it because it's on that computer. >.
26 January 2007 @ 05:38 pm
Did I ever mention I started writing poetry? Yeah, I did. Pretty shitty, but amusing.

Nothing really happened today. There was a pep rally that SUCKED ASS BIG TIME I HATE PEP RALLIES. Homecoming is tonight, but none of my friends are going, so screw it.

Wait, wait. TJ is coming. Stupid TJ. *waves to TJ just in case he's around*

Also... about Wednesday's CSI: NY episode... is it fair when a man makes a more beautiful woman than I do?
21 January 2007 @ 09:19 pm

Yes, so it snowed today. A few inches. I was honestly amazed - I haven't seen snow like that since I was eight. I had a snowball fight with Dad and made a snowman and made a snow angel. *beams*

Also... I bought "Bloody Murder", the CSI: NY comic, that I wanted. And I read it in one sitting. WONDERFUL art. Seriously.

Also subscribed to American Science Mind. Now I have three magazine subscriptions. WOOT.

Yesterday, I was in Hermosillo, Mexico all day, and today I was in Tucson at the Air Force Museum Thingy. Pretty amusing, though I repeat - I hate children.

Lastly, I'm writing poetry. Pretty awesome, huh? I've never written poetry before. It's pretty crappy, but it's FUN!

*hopes for a snow day tomorrow because I'm a lazy bum* Seriously, I saw five people skid outside my house within half an hour. No one here knows how to drive in the snow.

ETA: OMFG. LOOK AT THIS. AND THIS. (Pretty awesome spoilers for future CSI: NY episodes.)
Who here thinks Sid should get laid in tonight's episode?

Anywho... boring day again. At least we managed to get my history teacher to admit he gave us the WRONG test at the WRONG time (and that he cannot function without his wife. Teehee.)

... Well. I'm off to watch TV, slack off, and do nothing until 9 tonight. If Sid or Reed are in tonight's episode, I'll die of happiness. (And if Shane gets out of prison and joins the team FOREVER, I'll die, too.) Something interesting BETTER happen. Sorry, but I'm not interested in watching Danny and Lindsay 'flirt'. BLEH. SUCK IT BITCHES.
16 January 2007 @ 04:57 pm
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7. In response you MUST spread this disease on LJ

Title: With Each Passing Day, Part 12/?
Author: Chris
Fandom: CSI: NY
Pairing: Mac/Claire, Stella
Rating: PG to PG-13

Mister and Missus, Ma'am  )

Today's Movie Genre: hornyso fuckin' horny, bitches
My fingers and blue from cleaning transparencies. I got several reactions about that, including: did you finger a smurf, do you have frost bite, and the ever-favorite WTF happened to you?

Anywho... I was reading an article about how pretty people get paid more. Seriously, would anyone argue that? "Jenny's getting paid more because I'm ugly!" Hehe.

Yes, and... today sucked. I even wore my lovely cleavage shirt, but that didn't help.

Lastly... you know who needs to get on CSI: NY? Edward Furlong. I can't watch any of his movies or wear my Edoc shirt without thinking of him. BREAK OUT OF PRISON, DARLING. PLEASE. And let little Reed return. He's adorable. Damn. He is.

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